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Who are we?


Sun Holdings Capital is a private company owned by its senior management. We aim to provide trading companies with an independent out of the bank line of credit and trade finance solutions. Trading companies can apply for a line of credit, as long as they already raised money in equity.

Applying is available to any trading company, in any country and any sector. A company with a responsible, sustainable and impact way of doing business will get a higher score in our algorithm. However, we will not do business with companies from sanctioned countries and companies performing trade of weapons, human beings, animals, drugs, or other legally forbidden or morally unacceptable business activities.


Sun Holdings Capital is managed by the Executive Management Committee. Sun Holdings Capital has profound procedures to ensure compliance with all regulations and legislation wherever we operate.


Sun Holdings Capital is in its core a risk management focused company. Many of the risk management and due diligence tools are technology based and done automatically 24/7.

Nevertheless, we see the human resource as our main and most powerful tool. We pursue to manage fair relationships with employees and counterparts. We reject and condemn any violation of human rights, bribery and corruption attempts and any kind of conflict of interest.

It is our duty and responsibility to keep the business safe for our shareholders, employees and business partners.

On top, we are investing a share of our net profit in responsible, sustainable and impact investments, as we are committed on the transition to a low-carbon economy and social responsible investments.

We in Sun Holdings Capital are ready to every mission.

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